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Volume XV, Number 2, 2019


Comparative Analysis of Territorial Expansion of Settlements on Historical Maps and Recent Satellite Imagery. Case Study: the Town of Agnita in Transylvania, Romania
Pages 3-16

ABSTRACT – The valuable cartographic materials that are available nowadays give us tremendous information about the state of settlements, landscape and its elements at a certain moment in history. The aim of this paper is to carry out an analysis of the territorial expansion of the market town of Agnita in Transylvania, Romania, based on different historical maps. The study begins with a brief introduction on the settlements in the Hârtibaciu Valley and proceeds with the description of their first mapping on Chorographia Transilvaniae, which was drawn by Johannes Honterus in 1532, a famous humanist and cartographer. Relevant edifices and the expansion of the urban area are distinguished on the three Habsburg Military Maps. To detect additions in the built environment, subsequent military topographic maps and recent satellite imagery are examined. Prior to overlaying the five sets of maps and carry out the analysis, the maps were georeferenced and processed with ArcMap software.

Keywords: settlement evolution, Chorographia Transilvaniae, Habsburg military surveys, cartography, Saxon heritage

The Regional Influence of Agriculture on Rural Economy

ABSTRACT The agricultural sector, the size of the arable land and rural areas within the territory of a country become essentially important all around the world. The agrarian business impacts the life of people and family units in a city or town, through encouraging the territorial economy to pick up advantage. This paper traces an integrative system of farming and examines its financial angles. Organizations and open associations are progressively inspired by the monetary effects of horticulture at national, provincial, and nearby dimensions. Routinely, it is guaranteed that agribusiness makes occupations in provincial regions and creates deals income or pay in a neighbourhood network. In the paper the multiplier impacts are determined to catch circuitous impacts of horticultural spending and demonstrate the wide scope of divisions’ execution in a locale that may profit by family spending. The system accentuates the ID of provincial economy parts of the multiplier marvel regarding neighbourhood connections of business segments just as far as the impact on the nearby utilization. The Leontief model’s “input-yield exchange table” gives an integrative structure which is exhibited in this paper and dependent on pertinent worldwide writing. The introduced econometric model is concentrating on the improvement and elucidation of the monetary impact of the rural business in a district. By utilizing the determined multiplier impact of rural on the travel industry, it tends to be conceivable to assess the effects of a last interest change on the district.

Keywords: regional economy, multiplier effect, agriculture route, economy

Internal and International Migration in Cluj County (Romania) and Baranya County (Hungary)

ABSTRACT – The present study investigates the internal and the international migration in two counties in Romania (Cluj County) and Hungary (Baranya County) between 1991 and 2018. Data analysis and literature review has revealed several common migration features and trends such as the rural-urban migration changing to the urban-rural migration, suburbanization around the major cities, temporary international migration for work, migration of international students towards Cluj-Napoca and Pécs. At the same time, there are evident differences in terms of permanent net migration and international migration. The general characteristics and the regional particularities can be explained by the complex configuration of regional, national and international contexts and factors such as the local economic development, a multi-ethnical structure of the population, the presence of reputable universities, the post-communist de-industrialization, immigration policies, etc.

Keywords: international migration, internal migration, suburbanization, Cluj-Napoca, Pécs, Cluj County, Baranya County

Discours d’inauguration pour le Centenaire de l’Université Babeş-Bolyai et de la Roumanie

Keywords: centenary, Emmanuel de Martonne, Babeş-Bolyai University, Romania